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My life was in shambles. ⁣

My husband of 9 years was working a traveling job I despised despite a more than healthy income which I blamed for most if not all of my problems. ⁣

My relationship with him was to the point of living separately, seeing other people, and divorce papers ready to sign. ⁣

I knew I didn’t feel good about how things were going to end up but just hoped that going⁣
separate ways would be, finally, the secret to happiness that had been elusive for so many⁣

I was on year six of blaming others and circumstances for my crappy life. Years of trying⁣
a multitude of depression and anxiety medications, reading books, trying programs, seeing doctors, meeting with counselors weekly, and was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and⁣
borderline personality disorder by a clinical psychologist. ⁣

I was out of control with frequent outbursts of rage, self-harm, using many substances to “cope” and determined not to be the horrible mother to my two children like my mother was to me. ⁣

But I was daily reminded of the realization that I was just as out of control as my mother had been if not worse.⁣

I had exhausted every avenue of help with no sign of a lasting, positive change. ⁣

I gave up any hope for getting answers, getting better, and almost daily contemplated ending my life in an attempt to stop feeling what I was feeling as well as negatively influencing my children and continuing the cycle of disfunction in them. ⁣

I was at the proverbial rock bottom.⁣

I am grateful that I stumbled upon Dr. Melissa Sell through a friend who had been⁣
working with her.⁣

I was noticing positive things in my friend’s life I had never witnessed before and wanted to know what they were doing differently. ⁣

I was encouraged to reach out and⁣
began working with Dr. Melissa.⁣

There are hardly words to describe what the first few weeks of working with Dr. Melissa⁣
were like with lightbulbs going off, and finally realizing I didn’t have to fit into all the labels that⁣
had been assigned to me over all these years. Dr. Melissa’s approach is unlike any other I had⁣
tried, and believe me, I tried more approaches than I can count. ⁣

She gave me hope for the first time in almost my entire life that I CAN be the person I’ve always wanted to be, respond the way I’ve always wanted to respond, and take control of creating the life that up until then, was an elusive, unattainable dream.⁣

After just a few short months, I am a completely different person. My husband and I are⁣
better than we have ever been, I am the best mother I’ve ever been, I am weaning off my last⁣
medication, I no longer see any mental health or medical doctors for depression, anxiety or⁣
BPD. ⁣

When I am asked “what are your depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts on a scale from 1-⁣
10?”, my answer for years have been 8 to 11, and now I’m at a ZERO. ⁣

Dr. Melissa has helped me understand my thoughts, feelings and emotions. She has helped me take charge of my own reality. She has helped guide me to living the life I’ve always wanted. She is there for when I have my allowed “bad” days to discuss and observe. I cannot explain how deep of an impact Dr. Melissa has had on my life. ⁣

She has saved my family, my marriage, and my life.⁣

I would offer this to anyone contemplating working with Dr. Melissa: give her an open-⁣
minded chance and you will see positive changes in your life. Take it from someone who “tried it all” and am so very grateful I tried one more time. ⁣

Thank you, Dr. Melissa, for your incredible⁣
work. Thank you for guiding me and walking beside me as I attain and pursue the life I could⁣ only dream about before.


Hannah S.


Melissa is the unshakable cheerleader that I needed to evolve my mindset into being a responsible and empowered self healer. Having my 1 on 1 sessions with her and also going to the Radically Resourceful group meetings helped me gain the wisdom to address my chronic knee pain, my lower ab pain, my up and down moods, and a few more things that were holding me back from feeling really fulfilled in life. Thank you Melissa for your support :)


Mycah K.


I’m a big believer in the idea that you can only help people to the extent you’ve helped yourself. As a coach myself, I’m constantly looking for new ways of seeing the world and seeking new information. I collaborated with Dr. Melissa to help me better understand what it’s like to be me. If you’re in a place we’re you’re ready, willing, and able to receive this information - the Resolve Program, combined with coaching sessions - will change your life.


Maylissa B.