In the old medicine, the tonsils are seen as the first line of defense of the “immune system”.

They view bacteria and “viruses” as biological enemies that the body needs to “defend” itself against.

Sometimes the tonsils win and you remain healthy, but sometimes the “invader” wins and you end up with swollen, pus laden lumps of tissue in the back of your throat.

What determines who “wins”?

What is happening if only one tonsil is affected?

Is it possible the predominating narrative about tonsil “infections” is not accurate?

Dr. Hamer discovered that the health conditions we once thought were due to pathogenic invasion, faulty immunity, genetic predisposition, etc. are actually intentional tissue adaptations intended to help the organism survive a stressful event.

The stressful event that the tonsils respond to is called a Morsel Conflict.

The right tonsil has to do with wanting to catch or swallow a desired morsel. 

So this could be wanting to swallow something, eat something, grab something, get ahold of something, but for some reason you can’t or it is delayed, taken away, or something along this theme.

The left tonsil has to do with wanting to get rid of an undesirable morsel. 

So this is wanting to spit out something unwanted- food, situation, person or wanting to spit out words and say something on their mind, etc.

The moment an organism experiences this conflict, the tonsil tissue proliferates (increases) during conflict to better “insalivate” the morsel to help you swallow it down or spit it out.

When the conflict is resolved the extra tissue is decomposed using bacteria which is when a person feels ill and if they go to the doctor will be diagnosed with “tonsillitis”. 

Tonsil stones may develop if the conflict has become chronic. 

Do you want to learn more about the language of your body?

Check out this educational lecture about the tonsils from Dr. Hamer’s approved lecturer Helmut Pilhar.

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