If you are new to this work I know these questions may sound a little crazy, but stick with me on this and learn some cool things about how the body works!

Your body has a language.

When you develop health symptoms whether it’s a rash, pimple, headache, or hemorrhoid... there is a very specific bio-emotional reason that it happened.

Health is not random.

Your body is highly intelligent and highly adaptable.

Your body has embedded within it generations upon generations of innate survival wisdom.

Your body knows when you’re having trouble accepting something, it knows when you’re beating yourself up or feeling worthless, it knows when you’re worried about life, it knows when you’re struggling to make a decision.

It hears your cries for help and depending on the type of issue you are dealing with specific physical tissue changes will take place in your body to help you survive the situation.

If it’s a quick, one time thing, you may have a brief round of minor symptoms and then it’s over…

However if it has become a consistent problem in your life you may develop a chronic health condition or be diagnosed with an “autoimmune disease”.

For example, when you experience a shock of not being able to make a decision and you are concerned about making the right choice, your body responds by eroding the surface mucosal tissue of your rectum.

The ancient biological way your body is attempting to help you is to widen your rectum so that it is easier for you to “stake your claim” and make your choice.

Even though as evolved Homo sapiens we don’t go around urinating and defecating on things to establish our identity and ownership, our body’s language is ancient and instinctively remembers the good old days where any slight biological survival advantage made difference between life and death.

Once you make your decision and feel the relief that comes with no longer being on the fence, your body begins to repair the rectal mucosal tissue and you experience what is commonly called a hemorrhoid!

Nope, hemorrhoids have nothing to do with not eating enough fiber. They have to do with being divided internally and unable to make a decision.

Another example of this fascinating language of the body is a person who experiencing low-self esteem.

When you have low self-value your body experiences this as not being “enough”….

Strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough, etc.

Your solution oriented body will go through tissue adaptations which causes the connective tissues of your body to essentially undergo a renovation project to help strengthen you and reinforce your tissues from the inside out.

During this biological program there is tissue erosion during the active feeling of low self-worth.

Once the conflict is resolved and you begin feeling better about yourself, your body shift gears and begins to restore and rebuild the tissues that had been eroded.

This comes along with fatigue, inflammation, pain, and headaches.

When you’re not aware of the meaning of your pain it is not uncommon for a person to enter a vicious cycle of self-devaluation in response to the symptoms of healing which can cause a chronic issue to develop.

For the last example we will look at how the body responds when you feel ugly.

Feeling ugly can manifest as a type of self-devaluation conflict like I mentioned in the previous example, but depending on your unique perception it could also be interpreted as a Feeling Soiled Conflict.

When you feel gross or unattractive your body responds by building up a protective shield of dermal tissue In the deeper layer of your skin.

Once you resolve the feeling and start feeling better about yourself your body breaks down the extra tissue using bacteria and that’s when you develop a zit or acne breakout!

Every symptom tells a story.

Every symptom makes sense when you zoom out and look at your life experiences.

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