Constellations: Germanic New Medicine & Autism

The universal symbol for autism is a puzzle piece. This is poignantly appropriate, as both conventional and alternative medicine have long been stumped by this mysterious diagnosis.

Some say the apparently epidemic increases in autism cases are an illusion that has been created by improved diagnostic criteria and a greater number of practitioners skilled in recognizing signs of the disorder.

It’s not that more cases are occurring, in other words, it’s just that we’re noticing a greater percentage of them.

Aside from the question of whether and to what extent the occurrence of autism is increasing, there is also the question of what is causing the condition..

Some say autism is due to a genetic predisposition or error in cellular metabolism.

Others claim that it is the result of bombarding the nervous system with dozens of toxic vaccine ingredients early in life.

When viewed from the Germanic New Medicine perspective, autism, like all other health conditions, are the result of Biological Conflict Shocks.

More specifically, autism is the result of a particular class of Conflict that Dr. Hamer called a Cerebral Cortex Conflict Constellation.

Before delving further into this topic it is worthwhile to have a brief review of the 1st Biological Law.

Every Biological Adaptation of tissue (what most people consider a disease process) is initiated by a shocking experience or trauma termed a Dirk Hamer Syndrome (DHS).

Every Conflict has a distinct, measurable impact upon the tissue of the brain.

This can be visualized as target ring impact (like the ripples in the water after you throw a pebble in a pond) which can be seen on a CT scan.

The observable impact made in the brain by the emotional event (DHS) is referred to as a Hamer Focus (HF).

The specific brain region that is affected at the moment of the DHS is determined by the nature of the Conflict which gave rise to it.

The intensity and duration of the Conflict is what determines the extent of the impact upon the brain tissue.

The “new brain” (the cerebral cortex or “thinking brain”) is the control center for ectodermal tissues.

These tissues include the epidermis, duct linings, cervix, the blood vessel linings, and many others.

The Conflict Themes that affect the cerebral cortex include: Separation, Territorial, Anger, Sexual Conflicts, Scare/Fright, and Social/Contact.

The moment the psyche registers/perceives a Conflict of this type, the entire system shifts into a phase of prolonged Sympathetic Activity.

At the start of this phase, the brain is immediately affected in a particular control center.

This brain impact is what is measurable by brain CT scan.

Concurrent with this brain impact are biologically appropriate adaptations which occur at the tissue level.

For example: If a person’s perception gives rise to a Scare-Fright Conflict (Psyche), the left temporal lobe in the region of the sensory cortex (Brain) will be impacted and there will be erosion/cell loss of the laryngeal mucosa (Organ).

This whole process is an ancient biological special program the purpose of which is to improve the individual’s chances of surviving the Conflict-triggering situation.

In our example, the Biological Purpose of the cell loss is to widen the larynx and open up the air passage for more oxygen intake.

In order to make sense of this in a modern human context, it is important to realize that these Biological Programs evolved in an environment in which the Conflicts that occurred were true Fight or Flight situations involving an immediate or potential physical threat.

As soon as the organism succeeded in fleeing or fighting off their opponent, the Conflict would be resolved, the Program would conclude, and tissue restoration could immediately begin.

Once the psyche resolves the Conflict, the body shifts to a stage of prolonged parasympathetic dominance known as vagotonia.

During this period, both the brain and body’s tissue shift into a state of swelling and tissue restoration.

The length of time it takes for the brain and tissue to completely restore depends on the intensity of the initial Conflict and whether or not there are any Conflict Relapses during the Healing Phase.

But what happens if a person experiences another Conflict before the first one has been resolved?

Dr. Hamer identified something remarkable that occurs when someone experiences an additional Conflict which has an impact on the opposite side of the cerebral cortex before the previous one has had time to fully resolve and heal.

This phenomenon is called a Cerebral Cortex Constellation.

Depending on the particular regions of the brain that are “constellated”, it can manifest as mental/mood disorders and psychoses such as schizophrenia, mania, depression, anorexia, autism, and more.

This state of Cerebral Constellation is a Biologically Adaptive way to deal with overwhelming experiences.

There are several factors that determine which side of the brain is impacted by a particular conflict. These include the individual’s handedness, their hormone status, and their gender.

Dr. Hamer identified that a man (with normal hormone status) will usually experience his first Conflict in the right cortical hemisphere and the second on the left. This is opposite for a left handed man.

For a right handed woman (with normal hormone status), the first conflict occurs in the left hemisphere and the second on the left. The situation is reversed in the case of a left handed woman.

For a right handed female, a common pattern of Conflict occurrence that may result in an Autistic Constellation is a Scare-Fright or Speechlessness Conflict on the left side of the brain and in the larynx mucosa relay followed by a Territorial Anger or Identity Conflict on the right side of the brain and in the small curvature of the stomach relay.

The Scare-Fright or Speechlessness Conflict could be due to a fall, feeling stuck or unable to escape, abuse, an unexpected scolding, witnessing something scary, or being exposed in some way to some kind of terrifying event.

Keep in mind Conflicts can even be experienced by a fetus if the pregnant mother has an alarming Scare-Fright herself or is exposed to loud noises.

A Scare-Fright/Speechlessness Conflict impacts the left half of the brain in the larynx mucosa relay.

If the Conflict is fully resolved (i.e. if the child feels fully safe, secure, and confident the conflict cannot happen again), during the Healing Phase the child will have Healing Symptoms resembling either laryngitis, diphtheria, or pertussis (if the Conflict affected the laryngeal muscles). In this case the Biological Program would complete its course.

It is important to realize that a single Conflict on its own does not bring about the symptoms associated with autism.

If the child does not resolve the first Conflict they remain in the Conflict Active Phase.

Then, if there is a second, additional Conflict, this second Conflict will impact the opposite side of the cerebral cortex the biology will then shift into a “constellated state.”

A Constellation refers to two Conflicts that are either in the active or the healing phase and which have Hamer Focus impacts on opposite sides of the same brain level.

Source: Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

The first Conflict brain impact is essentially paused to help accommodate the presence of the new brain impact.

At this time, the psychology of the person shifts into an adapted state which often is diagnosed as a mental illness.

This extreme mental is an adaptive measure deigned to deal with significantly overwhelming experiences.

Consider again a female who has suffered a Scare-Fright Conflict Conflict.

If she were to experience an Identity Conflict or a Territorial Anger Conflict before the Scare-Fright was resolved, she may progress into an autistic constellation.

An Identity Conflict is when one finds it difficult to establish one’s place in the home, at school, daycare, feeling unsettled, not fitting in, change of school or friend group, etc.

A Territorial Anger Conflict comes from a dispute in one’s territory or domain. This could be their own body, their home/room/space, 

This can occur as a result of begin taken away from their mother, a fight over a toy, having something taken away, feeling challenged, becoming involved in a real or imagined feud, etc.

The Hamer Focus associated with this type of Conflict will impact the post sensory cortex region of the temporal lobe.

At the tissue level, the effects will be seen in the tissues of the small curvature of the stomach, the duodenal bulb, the pancreatic and bile ducts and the pylorus.

Such a person will remain in the constellated state until the second Conflict is resolved.

What About Vaccination?

Many people believe autism is linked to vaccination because they witnessed their children develop symptoms shortly or immediately after their vaccinations.

Given this new perspective on the cause of autism, it is interesting to leave the issue of toxins aside and consider the procedure itself as a potential source of a Conflict Shock (DHS).

Imagine how it would feel to be a small baby who suddenly finds itself naked and exposed in a cold room with bright lights, being handled and restrained by someone who is not your mother, and suddenly jabbed by something sharp that pierces your skin.

It isn’t difficult to imagine how a baby, without the benefit of personal experience or an understanding of what was going on, could interpret this situation as an invasion of their basic bodily territory.

One can also imagine how, depending on their disposition, the event could scare them speechless. Most of us have heard the breathless cry of a baby in situations that, for whatever reason, push them past their emotional threshold.

One can easily imagine how the events surrounding vaccination could cause a DHS in an infant.

A common sticking point in the autism/vaccine debate is the fact that not every child that is vaccinated develops the condition.

This inconsistency is completely understandable when you consider it from the GNM perspective.

For a given intervention, there are innumerable combinations of factors that could influence what the child’s personal experience of it will be.

For one thing, there are a number of internal factors specific to the child that will influence his or her experience of the event: pain tolerance, sensitivity, personal history, psychological disposition, etc.

One child’s “no big deal” is another child’s catastrophic, Conflict-inducing trauma.

There are also factors outside of the child’s disposition to consider: the bedside manner of the medical staff, whether and to what extent and how quickly and for how long and how effectively they were soothed and convinced of safety, etc.

Why Are More Boys Affected?

Think for a moment of the litany of potentially traumatic events associated with pregnancy, the birthing process, the post birth environment, early bonding and feeding experiences, home environment, follow up treatments and procedures, etc.

Considering the 5:1 male:female autism ratio in this country, one cannot help but think of the fact that many boys in the United States are exposed to the uniformly traumatic experience of circumcision within the first few weeks of life.

One can imagine how having a portion of one’s genitals removed by anonymous, gloved hands wielding steel blades could create a strong association between bright lights, the antiseptic smell of the medical environment, and the Conflict-inducing perceptions of potential pain and serious danger of bodily harm.

Depending upon how sensitive the child is, how strong the associations he or she forms are, and what the specific aspects of the association happen to be, it is conceivable that literally every single doctors visit could constitute an additional Conflict-inducing trauma.

Putting yourself in a baby’s experiential place is so important for trying to get to know why one particular baby may have experienced as traumatic a certain combination of events which lead to a series of Conflicts that give rise to an autistic constellation.

Empathy can be of tremendous practical value when it comes to helping a person identify, understand, and heal from a constellation.

Emotionally resolving the Conflicts associated with a constellation can be a challenging process because often people who are in a constellation have a difficult time communicating their experience to other people.

The challenge is complicated further if the individual is a young child who does not even possess the skill of language to express itself.

Challenging means challenging, but it does not mean impossible.

Helping kids with Conflicts and Constellations takes patience, empathy, creativity, and experimentation.

A knowledge of the 5 Biological Laws and the greater understanding of the Biological Program underlying the development of autism and other psychiatric disorders provides an important foundation for how to approach these cases.

Ultimately, facilitating healing comes down to helping them (all of them; the conscious as well as the other-than-conscious, deep biological aspects) to realize they are safe.

This means helping a person come to terms with whatever it is that pushed them beyond their ability to cope in that specific moment in time as well as providing them with tools for responding resourcefully to their present moment experience of their unique personal history.

No matter how baffling, destructive, heartbreaking, or frustrating the symptoms, it is important to remember that the body is doing its best to adapt to what perceives to be a threatening environment.

The initial stimulus that triggered this adaptation may be in the past, but the experience and the reaction itself is always occurring here and now, and that is where a properly timed intervention can interrupt the pattern and replace it with something new.

Solving the puzzle of autism will still be a unique process for each individual, but with the wisdom of Germanic New Medicine we are now working with more of the pieces.

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