My initial interaction with Dr. Melissa was based on her passion and knowledge regarding German New Medicine as a referral from my daughter-in-law.   Shortly thereafter I participated in a 5 Day Awareness Challenge realizing the connection and benefit I would receive and also after speaking with my son and daughter-in-law who personally know Dr. Melissa.


I engaged Dr. Melissa's services due to some very challenging health and emotional issues I was facing.   I quickly realized the depth and breath of Dr. Melissa's knowledge, intuition and passion in helping her clients.      Within a month's time, the recurring medical issue that I was repeatedly told by medical doctors would never be completely cured, was completely gone.   After over a year of extreme discomfort and medical doctors' inability to "treat" my symptoms, I am now healed.    Dr. Melissa helped me in two regards:   (1) identify what was the originating issue that caused my body to respond as it had but more importantly, what I could do to help my body to heal.    That in and of itself may seem very simplistic from the surface and empty words, but the process that Dr. Melissa took me through was/is (as I continue under her care) the most powerful and transformative care that I have ever received.  Recognizing how transformative this experience was for me I made the decision to extend my engagement with Dr. Melissa to utilize her expertise and guidance and participate in the Ever Better Wellness course.     


Dr. Melissa has helped me as I traverse the vast journey of improving my life.   I have gone from being completely scared and shamed by my medical issues, confounded by thought patterns and beliefs that left me exhausted to seeing that my life is precious, I am precious, my body is perfectly designed and able to heal and experiencing joy again in my life.        


I have engaged with several types of care providers in my past both from a biological/health perspective as well as mental/behavioral.    Dr. Melissa's knowledge of GNM was critical and evident as we started the journey of helping me to heal.   Dr. Melissa was able to help me through her insightful questioning and helped me to think about what I needed to focus on, and how to achieve what I wanted to achieve.   Dr. Melissa is an active listener and picks up on even the slightest words or thoughts that can be counter productive for me as I strive to change my life.   Dr. Melissa is extremely supportive, compassionate and yet a straight shooter.    I look forward to my meetings with Dr. Melissa knowing that she truly cares about me -- everything about me.   


I would highly recommend Dr. Melissa to anyone that is ready and willing to take a journey of life changing events.    I consider Dr. Melissa one of the best blessings in my life.   I have had many, but she is on the top of my blessing chart.   



Valerie V.


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I decided to work with Melissa after discovering German New Medicine recently in my seemingly endless search for help after I had started experiencing health issues a few years back.


I had been to doctor after doctor in an ever-desperate search to heal my body. I was experiencing weight gain and bloating, food sensitivities, headaches, chemical and fragrance sensitivities, depression, and anxiety to name a few.


All of these symptoms began after some significant situations in my life, which I now have been able to connect and start resolving. But at the time, I thought my body was betraying me and I felt such a fear as I read more and more about toxins, food, and environmental issues that I thought were creating my sick body.


I tried almost every diet you can think of to force and punish my body into changing, all without success. I tried medication which, again, did not improve my situation. I tried talk therapy, which only helped for short periods of time before I felt lousy again. I was in a pretty hopeless state, thinking my symptoms would never end and this was the reality I was resigned to, with no hope of things changing.


After discovering GNM and Melissa's work, I dove into watching her videos, reading as much as I could about what this German New Medicine was all about, and I joined her Facebook Group to learn even more.


For the first time in awhile, I felt a glimmer of hope that maybe my reality could change and I wouldn't have to live this way forever. My perspective on my health and body started changing, and I decided the next step was to sign up to work with Melissa one-on-one.


Best decision ever!!


In a matter of weeks, I went from living a fear-based mindset, feeling out of control of my body, and afraid of the future, to a brand new mind shift and perspective on life.


Every time I spoke on the phone with Melissa for a session, she would explain things in a way I had never heard before. She gave me the keys to unlock the potential within myself, and I have never felt more free, optimistic, or truly at peace with myself.


I no longer fear my symptoms, as I know my body is going through healing. I know without a doubt that my body is going to change and I will feel like myself again before I know it.


I've already experienced improvements in sensitivities to fragrances and chemicals, I can eat food without guilt and shame or sensitivity symptoms, and my mindset around my body image has improved so much.


I literally spent years hating myself for how I looked and felt, and I can say now that I am becoming free of that negative thinking. For the first time in 3 years, I feel totally ok with how things are right now because I know that they are improving, and my reality will change as my thoughts and perception keep shifting toward the things I want.


Because I want to make this thinking a way of life, I have also decided to join Melissa's Resolve program so I can keep working toward amazing things. I have never been so excited about my health, and I have no fear anymore because of the things I've learned from Melissa.


I think anyone would benefit from learning from her. I'm so glad I chose to work with her!!

Leah R.


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The decision to work with Melissa is one of the best I've made in a very long time.


I've known about GNM for ten years or so and really felt it had so much to offer but kept thinking, 'now what? What do I do with this?'. 


That stuckness was of course tied up in my patterns and beliefs about myself and the world. 


I am grateful for my dear friend, who just kept talking about GNM in spite of my frustrated stuckness, and finally, early in the fall of 2018, she said, 'look, here's a couple of new people teaching about GNM' and one was Melissa. 


What caught my attention when looking at Melissa's website was 'resolve' and a very optimistic sense of 'you can'. 


Yes! that is what I want!  a way to resolve and move beyond whatever it is that is holding me back.  And that is what I've gotten out of my time with Melissa. 


I'd say further that working with Melissa is very much a breath of fresh air. 


She brings her tremendous knowledge and understanding of GNM together with 'ever better thought technologies' and a very real and honest respect for the individual in her presence. 


I now have tools that literally change my life when I use them. 


I feel like my friend showed me a door that when I knocked, Melissa answered and not just to a room but to a whole new beautiful, brilliant world that is actually me. 


How lovely and amazing is that!  

Deb S.

British Columbia

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My life was in shambles. ⁣

My husband of 9 years was working a traveling job I despised despite a more than healthy income which I blamed for most if not all of my problems. ⁣

My relationship with him was to the point of living separately, seeing other people, and divorce papers ready to sign. ⁣

I knew I didn’t feel good about how things were going to end up but just hoped that going⁣
separate ways would be, finally, the secret to happiness that had been elusive for so many⁣

I was on year six of blaming others and circumstances for my crappy life. Years of trying⁣
a multitude of depression and anxiety medications, reading books, trying programs, seeing doctors, meeting with counselors weekly, and was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and⁣
borderline personality disorder by a clinical psychologist. ⁣

I was out of control with frequent outbursts of rage, self-harm, using many substances to “cope” and determined not to be the horrible mother to my two children like my mother was to me. ⁣

But I was daily reminded of the realization that I was just as out of control as my mother had been if not worse.⁣

I had exhausted every avenue of help with no sign of a lasting, positive change. ⁣

I gave up any hope for getting answers, getting better, and almost daily contemplated ending my life in an attempt to stop feeling what I was feeling as well as negatively influencing my children and continuing the cycle of disfunction in them. ⁣

I was at the proverbial rock bottom.⁣

I am grateful that I stumbled upon Dr. Melissa Sell through a friend who had been⁣
working with her.⁣

I was noticing positive things in my friend’s life I had never witnessed before and wanted to know what they were doing differently. ⁣

I was encouraged to reach out and⁣
began working with Dr. Melissa.⁣

There are hardly words to describe what the first few weeks of working with Dr. Melissa⁣
were like with lightbulbs going off, and finally realizing I didn’t have to fit into all the labels that⁣
had been assigned to me over all these years. Dr. Melissa’s approach is unlike any other I had⁣
tried, and believe me, I tried more approaches than I can count. ⁣

She gave me hope for the first time in almost my entire life that I CAN be the person I’ve always wanted to be, respond the way I’ve always wanted to respond, and take control of creating the life that up until then, was an elusive, unattainable dream.⁣

After just a few short months, I am a completely different person. My husband and I are⁣
better than we have ever been, I am the best mother I’ve ever been, I am weaning off my last⁣
medication, I no longer see any mental health or medical doctors for depression, anxiety or⁣
BPD. ⁣

When I am asked “what are your depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts on a scale from 1-⁣
10?”, my answer for years have been 8 to 11, and now I’m at a ZERO. ⁣

Dr. Melissa has helped me understand my thoughts, feelings and emotions. She has helped me take charge of my own reality. She has helped guide me to living the life I’ve always wanted. She is there for when I have my allowed “bad” days to discuss and observe. I cannot explain how deep of an impact Dr. Melissa has had on my life. ⁣

She has saved my family, my marriage, and my life.⁣

I would offer this to anyone contemplating working with Dr. Melissa: give her an open-⁣
minded chance and you will see positive changes in your life. Take it from someone who “tried it all” and am so very grateful I tried one more time. ⁣

Thank you, Dr. Melissa, for your incredible⁣
work. Thank you for guiding me and walking beside me as I attain and pursue the life I could⁣
only dream about before.

Hannah S.


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