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I teach men and women of all ages how to overcome the fear of symptoms and adopt the Mindset of Healing.



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I began on my health discovery journey in 2005 right out of high school. I was raised in a typical family with mainstream views of health. I thought when you get a headache you take an Advil, when you get sick you go to the doctor, but that all changed when I got a job as an assistant to a chiropractor. 


I started learning that the body is programmed for health and that everything that is necessary for healing is already present inside your body. I learned the importance of a healthy lifestyle: healthy spine, daily exercise, quality nutrition, and avoiding toxins. I fell so in love with health that I went to chiropractic school and graduated at the top of my class in 2012. 


After graduating I practiced for 3 years in Marietta, Georgia while my boyfriend, Steven Ravnstag, finished chiropractic school.


We planned on the traditional route of opening our own practice, but around 2014 our focus shifted. We began studying the mind. Through meditation, self-study, mentorship, and courses we discovered a realm of health that is greatly under appreciated: Self-Understanding. 

I myself lacked Self-Understanding. I was prone to anxiety, addicted to stress, chronically overwhelmed, mentally inflexible, laden with guilt and regret, unable to find joy in the present, able to find the worst in other people, extremely judgemental, and although I appeared to "have it together" I was usually a mess internally. With the help of Steve and daily meditation, I can confidently say I am now free from those problems. 

Steve authored a 10 Module Online Course in Mind Mastery: The Ever Better Life Course. It is an amazing master class that dives deep into how you create the experience of what it is like to be you. It is the most thorough, yet easy to comprehend course that exists on how to take full control of your mind. 

Together we teach this course and coach people through the journey of Self-Understanding and every single person who has taken it has experienced amazing results. 

I love teaching mindset and found my passion for health kept nudging me. I knew that the people who take the Ever Better Life Course improve their health and I felt drawn to make clearer connections between the mind and health.

I tried to find my niche in the world of online health coaching. I started with gut health and made a program about sauerkraut, I taught about nutrition, mindset of eating, avoiding bad oils, eating a keto diet, I dabbled in some MLM's for supplements and essential oils, but I still had a feeling that there was something else I am meant to know, meant to teach. Then I discovered German New Medicine. 

GNM is a GAME CHANGER. It takes everything I love about chiropractic philosophy (innate wisdom, body's ability to heal itself) and combines it with the supremacy of the Mind and the science of evolution and embryology and delivers a complete understanding of how the body works to heal, what disease really is, and how to return to ideal function. 

I am eternally grateful for the work Dr. Hamer has done. His legacy and his amazing discovery will live on through me. 

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